SkyTruth Alerts Tags

There are many tags used in the alerts feed that can be used to filter the feed to only include certain types of reports

Source Tags

Each data source has a tag associated with it that is applied to every incident report that originates from that source. For instance, reports originating from the NRC have the tag 'NRC'. For a complete list of data sources and their corresponding tags, see the SkyTruth Alerts Sources page.

SkyTruth Analysis Tags

The SkyTruth automated expert system analyzes each report and assigns certain tags based on the content of the report.

BigSpillThe report indicates an oil spill that is larger than 100 gallons
GeocodeMismatchA lat/long was supplied in the report, but it does not match other location information such as a protraction area block id or zipcode
SheenSizeMismatchFor an oil spill that has a reported spill volume and also has a reported sheen size, this tag indicated that the volume computed from the sheen area is more than twice the size of the reported volume. The volume derived from the sheen area is computed assuming a uniform distribution over the entire sheen area with a minimum thickness of 1 micron, which is the minimum thickness necessary in otder to produce a visible sheen on open water, according to this analysis.

Imported Tags

When reports are imported, any tags associated with the report are preserved (for instance tags on imported blog posts)